Offer Design And Development

Amazing Industries’ eco-friendly goals are not only embedded into the designing process,
but also through the development and manufacturing process. While simultaneously delivering the best quality products,
whether it be building envelope, roof, façade, or all products relating to the building skin materials.
AMZ are not just confined to the nation level market, but many other countries within ASEAN. We have teams of experts in craftsmen,
engineering, architecture, as well as skilled workers who are more than happy to provide the best services for all new and challenging projects
At AMZ, for roof projects, we work with Aluform,
who has many years of experiences
in producing high quality roof products including singles,
sinusoidal, trapezoidal and standing seam system.

Green architecture is a milestone towards a better future.
In the process of design,
AMZ is constantly thinking and implementing environmental-friendly
and sustainable energy solutions,
as well as providing a flexible and creative space
for the architects and investors.  

AMZ is not limited to the basic standard
of structural design in building industry.
We cordially support new & creative designs, calculated
to ensure a long term & out-standing output. 

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